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-Our history-

Jocelyn and Marie-Ève, a young couple at the time, decided to take over this company in 2009. He graduated in forestry technology and she was a specialized educator in schools.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

As an impasse arises in their respective professions, they decide to explore other avenues, such as owning their own business. It must be said that the processing of berries did not represent only the unknown for Marie-Ève. At 17, she took a baking course, in which she learned the basics of food processing. In addition, she has always been passionate about picking wild berries that she later transformed into alcoholic beverages of all kinds.

Since Jocelyn had the passion and the knowledge related to trees, this enterprise was therefore ideal. “We tried to find something that combined both our training and our passions,” they say.


About the orchard

Le verger des tourterelles is an existing business for more than twenty years, located in the beautiful region of Témiscamingue.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This estate has several fruit trees and shrubs producing apples, blackcurrants, currants, elderberries, plums, grapes and others. From these fruits, this agricultural company specializes in the artisanal manufacture of ciders, alcoholic liqueurs, spreads and syrups.

Does it grow apples in this northern place you will say? Oh yes! Taking advantage of a climatic zone a little warmer than its counterpart Abitibi and a microclimate due to the majestic Lake Témiscamingue, different varieties of more rustic apples grow very well here.


-Their mission-

Handcraft high quality products by carrying out all the stages themselves from the cultivation of the berries to the distribution.

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