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Sparkling apple cider, 750 ml, 6.5% alc.

Apple Singer Cider

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  • Sparkling apple cider, 750 ml, 6.5% alc.

    Visual appearance: Dark yellow

    Odor aspect: Honey, fresh apples, yellow flowers and yeast.

    Taste aspect: The cider is refreshing and light, the bubbles give it a festive taste and we are surprised by the finish of the mouth which is round with a slight bitterness.

    Pairing: As a chilled aperitif or with dishes such as raclette or simply with a cheese from Quebec.

    Method of production: The apple singer is a young cider while freshness. It is made from Norland apples, a very hardy variety. This light cider is carbonated at the time of bottling

    Storage: One week once opened, and 4-5 years in the cellar.

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